Tackling the Gallup Millennial challenge

Millennials need you
Millennials need you

This time last year I launched a Give A Little campaign and had a huge amount of help from friends, family and supporters. It is with great pleasure that I offer my personal thanks and appreciation for those who made a contribution. It seems like such a long time ago that I packed my bags and headed to London. Because of the generous donations of you all I was able to achieve these things:

These may seem like small things, however it’s also a pleasure to tell you I now work with WikiHouse Foundation 3 days a week as their Community Host. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support that helped me through the first 3 months in London. A crucial time for me to build relationships with people I now work with.

So what’s next?

I’m excited to let you know that I am preparing to attend a course with Gallup Strengthsfinder in September. The aim of this course is to become a Gallup certified strengths coach. This began with Don Clifton who was studying Psychology at the time and disappointed that we only seem to focus on what’s wrong with people! He then went on to build up decades worth of research about how leading with our strengths can improve our lives dramatically.

Not exactly the kind of strength i'm talking about but none the less.

Not exactly the kind of strength i’m talking about but none the less.

In my final year at high school I took the strengths test and was coached on how I could best use them. Naturally, I already was, but knowledge is power and with this in mind I was able to accelerate my growth. Leading me to work on, and sometimes lead projects like Chambers Sessions, Exchange Christchurch, The New York Project, and Gap Filler’s summer Pallet Pavilion.

Terrible Sons at Chambers Sessions Photo by Naomi Haussmann

Terrible Sons at Chambers Sessions Photo by Naomi Haussmann

In Gallup’s recent research of Millennials they discovered that the majority (55%) of Millennials are not engaged at work. That is shocking! As a millennial, actively engaged with my work (strengthsfinder being partially responsible), I plan to coach other millennials to help them maximise their wellbeing and live happier lives and discover better, more engaging careers.

Gallup poll

Gallup research shows some saddening results

If you want to see these results change for the better support me and my mission. I’d love to welcome your help as I prepare to launch my PledgeMe campaign later this July! I will be saving half on my own and inviting friends and family to help with the rest. This will help raise the funds so I can attend the Gallup Training course at their offices in The Shard.

Follow me on twitter so you’re the first to hear when my project is live, you could even tweet me ideas for rewards you’d like!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and let’s get this party started! Please also feel welcome to pass on to others who may share this vision. x

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