Insights into how you most naturally think, feel, and behave

Many people know their talents, some people think they know their talents, and others don’t have a clue what their talents are. Using the StrengthsFinder framework you’re able to surface and identify your most natural behaviours. With this knowledge, the possibilities are endless. I coach individuals, managers and teams to help them understand how they can best use their strengths to improve their wellbeing and reach performance goals. Find out more about StrengthsFinder.


Engagement has become increasingly important for online communities.

To enable meaningful engagement is to give your customers the ability to contribute, have a say, and belong. There are a number of tools and platforms that you can use to host your community. With basic training you will be able to start having a more meaningful and transparent relationship with your customers.


Creating content is worthless, creating value is priceless.

My focus is to provide and help craft content for people with meaningful purpose. Great ideas and great content has a way of finding it’s crowd without the extra cost of ads and experts. I work with people that already have great ideas and stories that need to be told to the rest of the world. Whether you need blog copy; social media content schedules; or photography and video services specifically for social platforms, let me know.