Chambers Sessions – It was never about the music

People connecting
People connecting

Chambers Sessions began after the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. A regular series of live music in an intimate setting. Musicians were shut out of venues all around the city not to mention the merry punters and hecklers. Chambers Sessions was born to address that need but it was never about the music, it was about the people.

People connecting
We aim to provide an intimate space where people can share a positive experience. Creating a ‘happiness bump’ that is also complemented by others around Christchurch by providing similar spaces and activities that keep people humming along. In a post disaster city, projects like the Chambers Sessions are vital to contributing to a brighter future full of hope and endless possibilities. It’s not about making the city more interesting or appealing to investors and tourists, it’s about taking care of our own. We think that is more valuable and appealing anyway.

Dancing on the dance-o-mat

Photo credit Kete Christchurch

You can’t build something in a community when it’s not for the community. It just won’t work.

Unfortunately this is why aspects of our government’s master plan won’t work. Thankfully we have a diverse community of people who have all sorts of backgrounds and walks of lives. Diversity is what makes a city thrive and it’s when we have seen people come together that true magic has happened.

Connecting people

Luke Thompson and Holly Arrowsmith

We’re not here to take over the world, we’re here to hopefully contribute to a better wellbeing for the people of Christchurch and those that happen to be swinging by. If music is something that contributes to you being happier, more energised, inspired or even rested! Come and say ‘Hi’ at the next session and hopefully we can help you out.